Tips and Advice


When is the deposit returned ? 

The deposit is returned once the landlord is satisfied that all bills are paid to date and the property has been left in an acceptable condition. You will also be required to supply a forwarding address.

What condition should the property be in at the end of the tenancy ?

At the end of tenancy, you will be expected to leave the property in the condition you found it. Reasonable wear and tear is expected but any damage may result in some loss of the security deposit. Carpets and upholstery need to be cleaned as do all areas. We can recommend local cleaners who can give you a quote if needed.

What is the inventory  ?

An inventory is an important document which records the contents and the overall condition of the property and this should be completed for your own benefit. Once you have received this, please read through it, make any notes or comments that you may have, then sign and return.

What is the PRTB (Private Residential Tenancies Board) ?

The PRTB provides a dispute resolution where a tenant, landlord or third party is unable to resolve the matter themselves.The service provided includes Mediation, Adjudication and/or a Tribunal.  www.prtb.ie

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